Coronavirus had us all stuck indoors, separated from nature and the work WWF continued to fight for while we stayed home and safe. We saw an opportunity to reconnect people with nature, help them relax in a stressful time, and educate them on the work WWF is doing to help protect nature, and people.

While South Africa was under lockdown, we created a series of ambient relaxation soundscapes recorded from WWF’s work with nature around South Africa, to help people reconnect with the outdoors while they were staying home.

Each soundscape lasted 1-hour and highlighted WWF’s conservation projects and stewardship work around the country. We recorded and edited the sounds from WWF working in the field in their various stewardship and conservation projects across South Africa. We used these sounds to create ambient 1-hour relaxation tracks and uploaded them to Spotify, Youtube, Deezer and Apple Music.


Bring Nature Inside



What We Did

Audio Production Design, Video Production, Design

10 hours of audio experiences

to help bring nature back

into your life under lockdown.

The sounds of WWF working For Nature, For You. Each sound is from WWF’s various conservation projects and stewardship programs across South Africa.,