The Idea

We thought about how we could find all the Volkswagens in the country – Luckily for us, somebody had gone to all the trouble of photographing just about every single Volkswagen on the streets of South Africa:
Google Street View.

So, we launched a Facebook game which challenged users to find as many Volkswagens as possible on South African streets as possible using Google Street View in a custom-designed Street Quest gaming interface.
Once the online Quest was completed, we flew the four winners of the weekly Quests to Cape Town to compete in the Grand Final. But this time, it was Street Quest – in real life.

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PR and Press


Bronze – X1 (Street Quest – Branded Content)
Shortlist – X6 for Street Quest

Gran Prix – X1 (Street Quest – Digital and interactive Communication: Social Media)
Gold – X1 (Street Quest – Interface and Navigation)
Gold – X1 Craft (Street Quest – Events & Pr: Live Events Campaign)
Silver – X1 (Street Quest – Branded Content)
Silver- X1 (Street Quest – Mobile Applications & Sites)
Silver – X1 (Street Quest – Digital Mixed-Media Campaign)
Craft Certificate – X1 (Street Quest – Best Use of Technology)

One Show
Gold – X1 (Street Quest – Mobile Branded Games)
Show Silver – X1 (Street Quest – Websites – Branded Games
Silver – X1 (Street Quest – Social Media – Best use of Social Media / Facebook
Bronze – X1 (Street Quest – Gaming – Console & PC)