South Africans are among the worst savers in the world. And every month, banks and financial institutions give us new and easier ways to spend. What if we took one of the biggest of these new ways to spend, and made it do the exact opposite of that? Save.

We turned the WeChat Wallet payment system into the WeChat Wallet saving system. But we didn’t stop there; we then turned it into the most desirable and in-demand wearable in the country. We partnered with Africa’s hottest fashion designer, Laduma, to produce his first ever piece of jewellery.

The Idea

By beautifully and elegantly incorporating a unique low-tech QR code into his iconic African design, create a bracelet that becomes a functioning piece of wearable tech.

The Mna Nam – meaning “for me”. The First piece of Jewellery designed to save.

Case Study

The Making of

The TV Commercial

How It Works

The Mna Nam is a subtle yet stylish enabler of more conscious saving decisions, so the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes.
If you’ve made a couple of smart decisions or just feel like rewarding yourself, saving is only a scan of the QR code away.

Open or download the WeChat app, make sure your WeChat Wallet is setup. Scan the Mna Nam QR Code. Choose the appropriate to save. Accept

The Mna Nam was launched at South Africa’s most prestigious horse-racing and iconic fashion event – The Durban July. It was an instant must-have, worn by some of South Africa’s most influential celebrities spreading the word and aspiration about the limited edition piece even more.

More than fashion

A website allowed people to order the limited edition Mna Nam online. 10 000 units were distributed in one of South Africa’s biggest fashion magazines – Destiny. The magazine sold faster than any previous months.
With the Mna Nam’s huge popularity, every time an owner wore it, they were reminded to save and most importantly, now had the ability to do so, through the Mna Nam and WeChat app they had on their phone. The Mna Nam’s exposure in the press similarly drove the savings conversation across the country.


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